PepsiCo joins effort to shape responsible AI standards

PepsiCo joins effort to shape responsible AI standards

PURCHASE, NY. — PepsiCo, Inc. is partnering with the Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence (or Stanford HAI), making it the first consumer packaged goods (CPG) company to join the organization’s corporate affiliate program. The collaboration will help PepsiCo learn more about advancing research, education, policy and practice of AI throughout the industry as it aims to be “the global corporate leader” in industrialized AI applications and responsible AI, the company said.

PepsiCo said it will work with Stanford HAI to initially base its research of ethical and responsible AI around four key industry areas:

  • Supply chains, forecasting and smart manufacturing — PepsiCo said these areas allow the CPG industry to use AI to save time and resources by optimizing daily operations throughout the supply chain, more easily predicting future needs such as inventory levels and demand patterns, and reducing human error;
  • Direct-to-consumer impact and personalization — In this area, CPG companies may use AI to more effectively manage and prioritize growing consumer demand, leading to increased engagement, improved customer loyalty and a better understanding of customers, PepsiCo said;
  • AI and organizational design — PepsiCo said these areas show how AI can establish a more rapid decision-making process, allowing associates to focus on creative and strategic work and thus reimagining organizational structures and future talent needs;
  • AI and sustainability — In this area, AI can not only optimize operations but also reduce emissions to better protect the environment as well as improve the quality and production agricultural yields, PepsiCo said.

“At PepsiCo, we firmly believe that AI should augment the human experience and will contribute to our digitalization efforts throughout the company,” said Athina Kanioura, chief strategy and transformation officer at PepsiCo. “Collectively, with Stanford HAI, we have a unique opportunity to engage with a community of leading experts, academics and engineers to understand the implications of this advancing technology and how it will enhance the human experience. As AI becomes more prevalent across the CPG industry, it is increasingly important to recognize the significance of ethical AI and its impact.”

PepsiCo said it will continue to work with universities and policy leaders to make sure that AI is responsibly implemented and that it positively impacts both the user and the broader community as part of the company’s goal of helping industry leaders better understand how AI can benefit society.